AeroSOL - a bridge between the physical graffiti world and the new decentralized world. Our mission is to Promote, Create, Uplift, Empower graffiti artists through this NFT space and stamp our permanent, un-buffable signatures on the blockchain

A heaven spot is a hard-to-reach and often dangerous location where a graffiti writer would dare to tag. The Solana Blockchain is a heaven spot because it is unbuffable by design, yet, many graffiti artists have not crossed the void into the digital NFT space to leave their mark here.

8888. An angel number's quanity of heaven spots will be sprayed on mint day.

AeroSOL will take you on an informative and educational journey throughout the history of graffiti throughout the globe. Each piece of the can has important meaning or function behind it.

AeroSOL KREW. Join the community. Keep the culture alive!


This will be a Solana token


Drop date is November 20th 2021 @ 8:00AM PST (11:00AM EST)

Owning an AeroSOL token means investing in graffiti culture. We support writers big or small, we share graffiti knowledge with a broader community, we make graffiti un-buffable by persisting it in the Solana blockchain. Owners of this token will gain exclusive access to our second KREW drop which directly benefits up & coming artists in this NFT space. We will also experimenting with NFT geotagging features; possibly allowing an AeroSOL owner to *tag* their own physical graffiti onto the token

Graffiti is always around us and without you knowing it, it's a part of our day-to-day physical life. Our artist is a muralist and well-renouned artist who sprays from coast-to-coast in the USA! Graffiti was already around us, it's what inspired us. That's why we've decided to link up with this artist to bridge the physical with the digital, decentralized, NFT Realm!